Sunday, November 3, 2013

his salvation would fall out

In truth,

it was

the thought of her


helped him resolve any crisis.

He’d just

hold her in his head,

open up his mind,

and his salvation would fall out.

Friday, October 25, 2013

if you flip the interior

to exterior

and the ex- to the in-

you’ll leave more room 

for your head’s

being being

what’s impossible anymore

arthur swansea saw himself washed up

in the midst of 

the lives and minds,

in the grip of 

the hearts and souls of other people

in the heat of 

their lives. 

twice, he had asked

twice he had been 

pleased with his happy mind, 

body all unwound like

some spring that has sprung.


arthur bottled up all his sadness, 

and walked to the top of the city, 

sipping it, trying to give his neurons

some space to breathe


way to lie down postrelease

and shudder at each 

small task.


there are two ways to know

more about the world, 

he said, 

you can make the world smaller

or make yourself bigger

but the latter is almost

impossible anymore.  

Monday, October 14, 2013

a cold blue eye

on a burnt white canvas, 

slicing through a shield of warmth

like air conditioning washing

over frozen sweat

in a time



need it. 

craft conference

warcraft conference

fuckall, fuckall

and it’s not like i 

was even trying to go to the 

statecraft conference//statecraft conference,

but suddenly

in front of me

i felt my thoughts wrenched to prussian pride, 

dripping flags and kegger sundays


i wasn’t there,

but if the bomb hit,

i was there


i wasn’t expecting to be invited

to the 


craft conf

erence, state




Saturday, October 5, 2013

fuckall, fuckall

from the national mall 

to the kids at the green table holding the warcraft conference

fuckall, fuckall

more than perfect

this is what i said

i said

'i don't know

how you

love me,’

and you

said, ‘my

god, you 

hurt me’

and i 

took your 

heart, and 

held it

up, and 

still you 

said i 

burned it,

and, i

made it 

more than


and you

took it 

out and 

learned it

and i 


you to

want what 

i had 

said, i 

said, if 

you had heard it. 


so i

took your

head, kept


so i 

held sleep 

till i 

was done, and 

so you

yelled and 


and made

me feel like

i was




so i 

tried to

be all 




the first 

time,’ i 

said, ‘re-


that one 

time we 

kissed and 

thought that

we had made it?’

you said,

'which time?'

you said,


so i 

fell round

and found

my heart 


into a 



Monday, September 23, 2013

everything was saved up

from that time, 

all locked up and ready

for me to read it again

like a bomb in the night, 

almost like something i hadn’t written. 

captive me

charting the way 

to your bits

that don’t need

loneliness, your

better-than-mine, but not 

holier-than-thou, bits. 


edith says

there’s no worse way

to start a sentence

than with ‘Nothing’

but somehow

can’t stop, and 

so when she met, went 

for the seventh maybe-one-for-her, 

cried when he didn’t 

get that something-that-he-wanted.